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School for Mysteries

SfM 250 400Witty banter, suspense, romantic comedy, and fantasy and paranormal elements make for an entertaining romp set in the present day, but touching on history from medieval Chartres to the Civil War. It’s a fairy tale where Da Vinci Code meets Murder She Wrote.

By Wall Street Journal multi-bestselling author Carolyn Jourdan whose previous novel of mystery and romantic suspense, Out on a Limb, was ranked #1 in Mystery and #1 in Medical Fiction on Amazon. Her newest book, The School for Mysteries, is described as “Great fun! A witty romantic adventure and an hilarious successor to Mrs. Pollifax — makes you realize if Jessica Fletcher had been a nurse, there would’ve been a lot fewer dead bodies littering Cabot Cove.”

In The School for Mysteries Phoebe McFarland has just lost her job as a rural home health care nurse in White Oak, Tennessee, a sleepy rural community nestled in the mist-shrouded Smoky Mountains. But then she’s unexpectedly offered a ritzy-sounding position as a private duty nurse to an enigmatic scholar.

Unfortunately before she can start her upscale new life, Phoebe is unwittingly caught up in a medical emergency with Nick, a total stranger. The mismatched couple is forced to cooperate as they flee professional killers who now have Phoebe in their crosshairs as well.

Will Phoebe and friends be able to prevent some scary guys from killing her and Nick over a mysterious book that’s not even finished?

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