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Boxed Set: The School for Mysteries & The School for Psychics


In The School for Mysteries Phoebe McFarland has just lost her job as a rural home health care nurse in White Oak, Tennessee, a sleepy rural community nestled in the mist-shrouded Smoky Mountains. But then she’s unexpectedly offered a ritzy-sounding position as a private duty nurse to an enigmatic scholar.

Unfortunately before she can start her upscale new life, Phoebe is unwittingly caught up in a medical emergency with Nick, a total stranger. The mismatched couple is forced to cooperate as they flee professional killers who now have Phoebe in their crosshairs as well.

Will Phoebe and friends be able to prevent some scary guys from killing her and Nick over a mysterious book that’s not even finished?

In The School for Psychics, Phoebe, a private duty nurse, has a gift for knowing certain kinds of information that are none of her business. When her new boss asks her to help him find and retrieve some extremely valuable items that have gone missing, she’s happy to try to help.

What the boss failed to disclose was who she’d have to work with and what they’d be up against. A fun, action-packed romp through the Loire Valley, Paris, and Normandy.