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Photo of Carolyn speaking by video conference with Holmes County Library in Ohio.

Carolyn has spoken live before audiences of millions on internationally and nationally-syndicated radio, such as Voice of America, NPR, Sirius/XM, and she has made presentations to live audiences such as the City of Lansing’s Capital Area Reads One Book, Book Group Expo, and dozens of literary and charitable events.

She has led workshops for the U.S. Department of Justice-Environment and Natural Resources Division, University of Tennessee College of Engineering-Nuclear Department, University of Tennessee College of Medicine-Family Practice, and many more.

If you would like to have Carolyn speak or teach at your venue, contact her by email at

Below is a photo of Carolyn speaking in Lansing, MI, delivering the keynote address at the most popular area-wide read in the history of the Capitol Area Reads 1 Book program.


Here is a recommendation given after Carolyn’s program:

“For the first time in our history of one-book reads, our books were in constant use from the beginning of the program through the end.

Even now, a month after Carolyn’s appearance, 89 of our 245 copies remain in circulation!

It found an audience far beyond our library discussion groups.

We experienced that rare word-of-mouth phenomenon – this was a book our readers recommended to others because they loved Carolyn’s story and writing style.

The audience could barely wait to ask questions the night of her appearance.

Her warm, forthright and funny comments were as well-received by our patrons in person as they were in print.

How did we sell a little-known book? It sold itself. The paperback cover with a lovely quote from Family Circle reached readers who made it a challenge to keep displays stocked.”

Sarah Redman
Adult Selection Specialist
Capital Area District Library
Lansing, Michigan